Campaign Donors

Thank you to all of our donors! Everyone who donates to the Agriculture Park project will be recognized on the donor wall inside the MU Health Care Pavilion. 

Everyone who donated or pledged support prior to April 26th, 2018 will have their name displayed on the donor wall at the conclusion of Phase 1 of construction. The complete Phase 1 donor list can be found in this PDF. Please check this listing to verify we have the accurate listing of your name. Donors who give after April 26th, 2018 will be added to the donor wall at the conclusion of Phase 2 construction.

All donors (Phase 1 and 2), are listed below. This list is current as of June 20, 2018. Please let Campaign Director, Adam Saunders know if you find an error our would like your name listed differently. 


$250,000 or more

City of Columbia Parks and Recreation

Land and Water Conservation Fund

MU Health Care


$100,000 - $249,999

Beacon of Hope Foundation

Boone County Community Trust

Missouri Foundation for Health

Partners for Places

Stafford Family Charitable Trust

$50,000 - $99,999

Adriana and Tim McGarity Family

Anonymous Donors

Convention and Visitors Bureau

David A. Fleming Charitable Foundation

Fred V. and Dorothy H. Heinkel Charitable Foundation

Landrum Family

MFA Foundation

Rotary Clubs of Columbia

Tiger Pediatrics

$25,000 - $49,999

3M Foundation

Central Bank of Boone County

Centric Heart and Vascular

Chuck and Jan Swaney

Commerce Bank

David Leuthold

Jeff Chinn and Nan Presser

Joe and Leslie Meyer

Landmark Bank

Linda Randall and Gerald Hazelbauer

Lisa Guillory and Tim O'Connor

Megan and Kevin Clary

Missouri Farmers Association Inc

MFA Oil Company

National Association of Conservation Districts

Robbie and Ali Price

Shelter Insurance

USDA: Local Food Promotions Program

Vicki Russell and Hank Waters

$10,000 - $24,999

American Family Insurance

Ann Fitzsimmons

Barbara Gruner

Bill and Bridgid Kinney

Bill McWilliams

David and Ann Mehr

David and Nancy Bedan

Eric Staley and Judith Heartsong

GBH Builders LLC

Golden K Kiwanis

Gordon and Kathleen Brown

Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Boonville

Jan Weaver and Jim Carrel

Karla Williams

Kell and Nancy Yang

Luke and Barbara Buffaloe

Phil Schoo and Nancy Fuchs

Richard and Patty King

Robert Weagley

Susan Flader

Tootie and Richard Burns

Venkataraman Ramachandran

$5,000 - $9,999

Edward and Judith Chmielewski

Harriet and Bill Yelon

Jerry and Judy Schermer

Joe Parcell

Judy and Jim Starr

Lynn Rossy and Bud Murphey

Marjo and Al Price

Michael and Emy Friedman

Moore and Shryock - Real Estate Appraisers

Pat Jones

Rob Bartel and Elaine Martin

Stanton Brothers- Dustin and Austin Stanton

The Salad Garden - Dan Kuebler

Vicky Riback Wilson


$1,000 - $4,999

Aaron and Nikki Krawitz

Adam Saunders and Adrienne Stolwyk

Alex and Robin LaBrunerie

Andrew and Laurie Saunders

Anna, Ben and James Stewart

Barbara Hoppe and Mike Sleadd

Beverly Giangiacomo

Bill Parks and Sheila Greenberg

Billy Polansky and Carrie Hargrove

Blue Fox Farm-Alan Helland and Megan Fox

Caitlin Hubbs

Carla Dyer

Carolyn Ezzell

Chip and Jane Cooper

Chris Darwall

Christopher and Alisa Hayes

Corrina and Joshua Smith

Darwin and Axie Hindman

Dennis Sentilles

Diane Booth and Jeanne Sebaugh

Dogwood Solar - Shifley Family

George Smith and Margie Sable

Gieringer Produce- Herman and Jeanette Gieringer

Grandma Barb's Pies - Jeannie Nobis

Greg and Amy Zguta

Hampton's Hilltop Orchard - Mike and Julie Morgan


Happy Hollow Farm- Liz Graznak

Haskell and Susan Hinnant

James and Karen Pitt

Janet Thompson

Jenny Young and Dave Angle

Jill Lucht and Bill McKelvey

Jim Elliot

Joe Engeln

John Wright

Karl Kruse and Ilalyn Irwin

Kee Groshong

Ken and Edie Pigg

Ken and Lynnette Logsdon

Kristin, Sean, Gillian, Tanith Frazier

Kyle and JoAnn Shull

Leslie and Albert Shaw

Linda Cupp and Bill Bondenson

Lone Cottonwood Farm-Steve Moeller

Mark and Mary Becker

Mark and Susie Mahnken

Martha and Bill Folk

Mary Hendrickson and John Emery

McAdams' Ltd

Mighty Acorn - John Corn

Mike Matthes

Nancy and Coley Burton

Nicholas O. Hahn

Orlando Heredia and Sarah Sandkuhl

Orscheln Industries Foundation

Pete and Christine Koukola

Phil and Jan Harrison

Rachel and Wayne Brekhus

Ray Beck

Restoration Farms- Patrick Cox and Josh Burrell

Roger and Cherise Still

Sally Silvers

Sellmeyer Farm – Greg and Tammy Sellmeyer

Simon Oswald Architecture

Skip and Kathy Walther

Slow Food Katy Trail

Stephen and Iris Calloway

Stephen and Sally Phillips

Steve and Mari Ann Keithahn

Strope Farm LLC - Bill Strope

Sullivan's Berries- Roger Sullivan

Sunny Acres Farm- Robert and Helen Teerlinck and Bart and Leanne Spurling and family

The Kaplan Family

Theodore Willmore

Trey and Melissa James

Troy and Nicky Scheidt

Uprise Bakery

Wilna Morgon

Wilson and Jan Beckett


$1 - $999

Abigail Anderson

Adam and Beth Dube'

Alex Gale

Allie Gassman

Altai Medows- Jeff Cook

Amanda Hinnant

Amelia Frank

Amy Bantz

Amy Dove

Andrew Beckerle

Andrew C. Twaddle and Sarah A. Wolcott

Angela Royal

Ann and Robert Jacobson

Ann Edwards

Ann Roland, Lance Phillips and Elaine Phillips

Anna Lingo

Autumn Young

Bernadette Dryden

Bette and Randy Fletcher

Bledsoe Farms - Ron and Vicki Bledsoe

Bonnie and R.S. Youngquist

Bonnie Trickey

Boys from Chamois– Alex and Ben Paulsmeyer

Branca Maria Prentiss

Brian Pomerenke

Bruce Polansky Michael Forte

Caitlin Trowbridge

Caitlyn Davis

Candace Sall

Carol Boorady and Jan Eddy

Carol Rogers

Carol Schreiber

Carol Stoddart

Carole Patterson

Carolyn Sullivan

Casey Hanson

Chad Courtney

Charles Munter and Claire Syler

Chris and Cathy Salter

Chris and Mary Starbuck

Chris Dohm

Christina Ingoglia

Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson and Mary Bixby

Colin Dwyer Hardwick

Colleen and Randy Smith

Country Goodies- Robert and Delphine Stuermann

Courtney Swisher

Curt and Karen Davis

Dale and Janet Vaslow

Dale and Shelley Wagner

Dan Edidin and Tanya Christiansen

Dana Mazuru

Daniel and Sally Soetaert

Daniel Gerardo

Daniel Hooley

Daryl Moen

David and Carolyn Steinmetz

David and Elizabeth Anderson

David Borgelt

David Miniea

Dee Dokken

Dennis and Carlynn Trout

Don and Sally Schilling

Don and Sharon Ginsburg

Donald and Joan Bay

Donna Checkett

Dorothy Canote

Elaine Janes

Elizabeth Chang

Elizabeth Gwynn

Elizabeth Schenker

Eric and Val Bader

Erica Brewer

Erica Martin

Esther and Michael Stroh

Fiona Young

Fred Young

Fretboard Coffee- David Elman

Gary and Anne Miller

Gary and Leslie Naugle

Goatsbeard Farm- Jen and Ken Muno

good food co.-Jill Rostine

Govero Family

Greg Busacker

Hallie Thompson

Halo Farms - Jake Fowler

Helen and George Washburn

Helen and Patrick Atkinson

Hemme Brothers Creamery

Herbart and Sue Tillema

Honey Creek Farm– Dan and Laura Pugh

Honeysuckle Acres - Renee and Nick Kauffman

In honor of Vonda K. Edwards

In memory of Abbie Elaine Duysen

Isbell Valley Quality Produce- William and Mary Stokes

J. Scott Christianson

Jack and Kay Wax

Jack and Terry Meinzenbach

Jacque Pepper and Ralph Walker

James and Kathy Ritter

Jamie Gale

Janet Harcourt

Jeff and Sandy Belden

Jenny Bossaller

Jenny Sennott and Wayne Pfeffer

Jerry and Naomi Cupp

Joan Naumann

Joanne Heisler

John Padgett

Julie Staveley-O'Carrol

Karen M. Miller and David Brown

Karen Touzeau

Kari Chesney

Karl and Mahree Skala

Kathleen Rabadan

Kathy and Don Love

Katie Madden

Katy and Todd McDonald

Kea International- Ot and Karen TaKea

Ken and Sharon Schneeberger

Kenneth Zadel

Kevin and Carol Langford

Kevin and Whitney Gibbens

Krista Murray-Salisbury

Kristi Ressel

Laura and James Cole

Laura McCann

Lebo Moore

Leslie and Tom Schneider

Leslie Hahn

Lisa Bennett

Lizzie Wright and Jesse Higginbotham

Logan Malach

LP Urban Farms-Seth Allen

Lucas & Katie Blount

Mallory Daily

Mandy Manderino

Marcia Nelson

Marcus and Pamela Monroe

Margaret and Mark Milanick

Marilee "Cricket" Dunn

Mark and Jo Zacher

Mark and Kari Gingrich

Mark Baltzer and Cheryl-Ann Hardy

Mary Herde

Marzena Tomicki

Mat and Liz Harrison

Matthew Knowlton and Kathy Doisy

Meredith and Joseph Donaldon

Michael and Lottie Bushmann

Michael and Nita Callahan

Michelle Golden

Mike and Laura Schemel

Missouri Highland Farm - Mary Brauch

Nacy Kellstrom

Nancy Burdick

Native Blossoms and Wild Edibles- Abby Schultz

Nicholas Rackers

Nick and Elizabeth Shapiro

Nick and Mary McNutt

Nick Foster and Candace Kuby

Nicole Knapp-Weber

Nikki Crowell-Taynton

Niobrara Farms Bath and Body– Sarah Pelc

Noah Myers

Osage Group Sierra Club

Oscar Jays Gourmet Pies - Oscar Wilcox

Patrck Earney

Peggy Todd

Peter Kobe and Ann Flannery

Raine/Harrison Wedding

Ramona Corrier

Rob and Abbey Hunt

Robert and Joan Harris

Rose Winkel

Roy and Kate Finley

Russel Newton

Sallee Purcell and John Murrey

Sandy Creek Farm– Randy and Ronda Thiessen

Santos Melendez and Clara Sauri

Sarah Linsenmeyer

Sarah Peacock

Sarah Perry and Beth Perrin

Scott Rowson

Senza Gluten-Free Foods - Mary Manulik

Seth Gordon

Shannyn North Yalaoui

Share-Life Farms - Jim and Rosemarie Thomas

Shari Hamilton

Sharmini and Marvin Rogers

Shelda Eggers

Show-me Farms - Brian Mayse

Sim Garden – Sim and Jim Hildebrand

Stephen and Kathy Welsh

Stephen Mudrick

Steven and Jessica Spellman

Steven Zweig

Sullivan Farm - Bill and Brittany Sullivan

Susan and David Dunkin

Susan Frankel

Susie's Grass Fed Lamb - Susan Everhart

Tariq, Audrey and Isabella Shah

Teresa and Jeffery Shaffer

The Backyard Farmer-Nou Lee

The Grow Bros Natural Farmers– Shaw Family

The Sage Garden -Erica and Brandt Parker

The Veggie Patch- Jim and Paula Thies

Theo Rosbach

Thoenen Produce - Randy, Jared, and Noah Thoenen

Tim and Linda Harlan

Tim and Lynn Parshall

Tom and Cheri Darrough

Tracy Toler

Tricia Wegner

Uzbek Breads - Matlyuba and Anvarjon Saliahunova

Veronica (Avi) Kloeppel

Victor and Nancy Myers

Victory Gardeners - Laura Flacks-Narrol

Virginia Bzdek

W. Arthur and Sheryl Mehrhoff

Wendy and Steve Hofmann

William and Jane Biers

William Cass

Wine for Humanity

Yoeun Yin Grower-Yoeun Yin