An Ideal Location

Clary-Shy Park is uniquely situated in West Central Columbia between many popular attractions which bring people to West Central Columbia from across mid-Missouri. The ARC, Shelter Gardens, West Middle School, and Broadway Shopping Center are all directly adjacent to the unused park space. This 10 acres at Clary-Shy Park has an untapped potential to serve our community. 

West Central Columbia lacks a well-developed community-oriented space. The Agriculture Park at Clary-Shy Park can play that role. Think of the impact on East Central Columbia when Stephens Lake Park was built in the early 2000s, an Agriculture Park could make this empty field a place that our community will cherish.


Clary-Shy Park’s 20 acres has deep roots in promoting and demonstrating agriculture.   Between 1948 and 1991 the site was in the middle of the Boone County fairgrounds. In 1980, the Columbia Farmers Market began operating at these fairgrounds where you can still find them today. In 1995, after the fairgrounds moved, the City of Columbia purchased the land which is now Clary-Shy Park. In 2002, the Activity Recreation Center (ARC) was opened at Clary-Shy park, becoming an anchor of health in our community. The ARC’s focus on an active lifestyle will be complemented by the Agriculture Park’s focus on healthy eating.