We did it! Phase 1 Recap

Here are a few snapshot figures from the conclusion of Phase 1 of fundraising for the Agriculture Park. This project is over three years in the making, of which, 18 months we were engaged in active fundraising efforts.


Total fundraising to date: $3,637,390. This pie chart details the general breakdown of private, city, and federal funds:


In addition to these capital dollars raised there is another $525,000 in grant dollars to support the programming onsite over the coming 3.5 years (via Missouri Foundation for Health).

All donors will be recognized on the Donor Wall inside the MU Health Care Pavilion, listed in ranges. ATTENTION DONORS: We need your help to verify that we have listed your name correctly. Please check your listing for spelling, spouse, kids, in honor of, business name, etc.. Contact Adam Saunders at Adam@ColumbiaUrbanAg.org to make corrections.


The contracted part of Phase 1 of construction is around $2.381 million. This includes: grading site work, stormwater detention, utility upgrades, irrigation, the concrete slab, drivelanes, vendor parking at the MU Health Care Pavilion, and the middle section of this pavilion structure including bathrooms. The plaza and select sidewalks will also be paved. Additionally, the curtain sidewalls for the winter market will also be installed this season.

This year we will also begin to make progress on components of Phase 2: CCUA’s Barn/Greenhouse, demonstration garden development, landscaping and some more sidewalks throughout the park. This work will be competed by Parks & Rec and CCUA directly.

Customer Parking will tentatively be added in the 2018 season. A grant from the US Department of Interior has been awarded, and we are waiting on the final contract from Washington D.C. This grant will fund the first cell of parking; 42 customer spots. Additionally this grant will fund a large playground, stage, sidewalks, gardens, and other items.

The Campaign to date has spent about $96,000 on campaign expense such as staff time, consultants, marketing, printing, and advertising. About $406,000 has been spent on design and engineering services to develop the park up through construction documents. All firms hired for this work are local companies.

Future Phases:

The Campaign has not yet secured bids for all of the features to be built in later phases of construction. At this point we're estimating that that it will take another $3.5-4.5 million to close out all the remaining parts of the Agriculture Park. This work will be completed over the coming 2-3 years or as fundraising allows.

We hope this brief report provides some insight into the project's fundraising support and expenses. Please let Campaign Director, Adam Saunders at Adam@ColumbiaUrbanAg.org know if you have any questions about these figures or the project in general.

Billy Polansky