Timeline Updates!

We recently got word from our contractors that the winter weather has finally caught up with us, and has triggered a delay to the timeline. Please note these new dates:

The anticipated Grand Opening of the Agriculture Park will be pushed back to April 27thWe'll be watching the weather and progress over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for more information about this big milestone and other fun events planned for the weekend. 

  • The Spring Opening of the Columbia Farmers Market will still be March 9th, but continue to be located at Parkade Center.  The Market will remain in the northeast corner of Parkade until the Grand Opening at the Agriculture Park. For more information about the market please visit columbiafarmersmarket.org.  We will continue to share more information at it develops.

  • We are also pushing back our printing deadline for being listed on the first printing of the donor wall.  The new deadline for making a donation, pledge, or increase in a pledge and being listed on the donor wall is March 22nd.


Columbia's Agriculture Park went vertical!  Check out the first posts and arch-frames being installed in the most recent time-lapse video! 


Construction Update

The Agriculture Park went vertical last week!  The first section of the MU Health Care Pavilion is now up!  More concrete has been poured for the pavilion, and lots of base rock laid for the drive lane around the pavilion. 

unnamed (4).png

Need some healthy, local produce to balance out all of those yummy holidays treats?  Swing by the Columbia Farmers Market to get your fix!  The Winter Season is in full swing, Saturdays from 9am-noon in the south wing of Parkade Center.



SAVE THE DATE:  APRIL 27th 2019*

Saturday, April 27th is the *anticipated revised date for the Grand Opening of the MU Health Care Pavilion!  
We'll be watching the weather and progress over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for more information about this big milestone and other fun events planned for the weekend. 

More details about the first printing of the Donor Wall Update!
Quick facts on the Donor Wall at the Agriculture Park:

  • All who donated or pledged prior to April 26th 2018 will be noted on the Donor Wall as “Founding Donors”.

  • Donations/pledges or increases in pledges received before March, 22nd 2019 (NOTE THE NEW PRINTING DEADLINE!) will be listed on the Donor Wall at the anticipated Opening Day on April 27th 2019 and be displayed over the coming season.

  • Increases in donation/pledge made before March 22nd 2019 will be reflected on the wall.

  • Please verify your name's spelling, listing, spouse’s name ASAP to ensure we minimize errors on the donor list.

  • The Donor Wall will be updated again on an at least annual basis until the campaign is completed.

Please confirm that we have the correct spelling, listing and spouse's name in our records.  Here is current our donor list for all donations to date. Please send a note to Adam@ColumbiaUrbanAg.org to make changes to the listing. 

unnamed (18).jpg

Your help is needed to support construction at the Agriculture Park in 2019 and 2020.  We've got great plans in store, but can only make progress as funding allows. Please make a pledge or donate to the project today!

Billy Polansky