CoMo Ag Park- Worth the Wait


COMO Ag Park Updates
-Worth the Wait!-

The Agriculture Park is SOOOOO close to opening this spring!  We're sad to say the May 18th date is looking unlikely now due to the rain... 

Here's a quick list of the few remaining items on the build list that need to be done before we can move into the MU Health Care Pavilion.  The crews have already checked off over 500 items thus far, and we're on the home stretch now... We'll keep you all posted as these last items get checked off the list. 

  • Interior liner panel of roof system (75% complete)

  • Roof panel installation

  • Insulation installation

  • Sprinkler system (85% complete)

  • Lighting system installation   

  • Signage (Donor wall, MU Health Care)

  • WiFi installation

  • Remaining two sections of concrete infrastructure

  • Installation of four concrete sidewalk/trail areas

  • Installation of toilets, sinks and partitions in the pavilion restroom

  • Installation of water fountains

  • Sidewalk and curb for new customer parking

  • Final grade and site cleanup

  • Occupancy Permit from City of Columbia

Timeline Updates:

Weekday Markets

  • The Tuesday and Thursday Markets will open starting May 21st and 23rd NEXT to the MU Health Care Pavilion on the easternmost slab. The Tuesday Market will be open from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. and the Thursday Market will be open 3-6 p.m.

Saturday Markets!

  • While rain is much needed for our farmers and their delicious produce, it's not so great for pouring concrete and putting up metal roofs!  Depending on how the weather affects the remaining items on the above-mentioned list will depend on when the Pavilion will open.  If the weather cooperates with us over the next few weeks, we hope to be in June 1st or 8th.  More to come as our crews continue to check items off the list!

  • Columbia Farmers Market is open and is located at Parkade Center.       The Saturday Markets will remain in the northeast corner of Parkade, from 8 a.m.-12 p.m., until the Opening of the Agriculture Park.

NEW DATE: "Empty Bowls" at the Ag Park!  Join us on Friday, May 31st 

  • Come to the Ag Park and enjoy a free lunch or dinner at the MU Health Care Pavilion.  Many thanks to Glenn's Cafe, the Columbia Area Career Center and Fresh Ideas for providing foods for the event.  

New Time Lapse Videos 

Check out the two new time lapse videos showing the construction of Columbia's Agriculture Park!  Video 1 is a time lapse of construction during April 3rd to April 13th.  Watch for the lot and lots of concrete to be poured between the spring rain storms... 

Video 2 provides shows footage from April 17th to May 1st.  A HUGE pour of concrete on the north drive lane, new sidewalks prepped, and roofing materials arriving!  Watch closely in the last few frames to see the first of the ceiling panels being placed on the far east side. 

Construction Updates 

Check out the latest pictures from Columbia's Agriculture Park!

unnamed (1).jpg

More sidewalks prepped and ready to pour.

unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg

All the roofing material arrived on site and is being installed.  The ceiling of the pavilion is bring installed first, then insulation, then the top roof panels.

Most of the ceiling panels are now installed.  How nice is it to see this SHADE???


  Framework above bathrooms is up and ready for wall panels.  All the plumbing is set and ready for a few finishing touches.

Interested in volunteering at the Agriculture Park? We have volunteer shifts every Saturday! Click here to sign up.


Spring Campaign Goal Met! 

Earlier this year we set a goal of raising $150,000 to fully fund the urban agriculture and park features slated for a 2019 install. The outpouring of support over these last many weeks resulted in 121 new donors and $176,507 in donations and pledges!   A big THANK YOU to all the donors who've made this project a reality!

You can still give to this budding project; Please make a pledge or donate today!  Your support continues the progress and paves the way for productive seasons of gardening and outdoor education! 

New Agriculture Park Video 

This new fly-through video of Columbia's Agriculture Park is worth sharing!   The updated video tour provides great views of the features of the Ag Park.    Watch today and please share this video with your friends!


FREE Workshops at the Columbia Farmers Market!

Are you interested in gardening, but just don't know where to start? Do you have a beautiful garden, but want to expand to composting, raising laying hens, or growing mushrooms? Well, you're in luck! Each Saturday morning at the Columbia Farmers Market, the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture and community partners will offer free workshops for beginning gardeners.

All workshops are offered twice each Saturday: first at 9am, and again at 10:30am. Meet at The Greenhouse booth to attend a gardening workshop - and come prepared, because you may get dirty in these hands-on workshops!

May Workshops 
5/11/19 Backyard Composting for the Veggie Garden
5/18/19 Growing great sweet potatoes
5/25/19 What's Cooking? Lindsey Spratt with Boss Taco

Click here for the full 2019 Workshop (and Kids Activities) schedule!         

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Billy Polansky